Cyber Square


Cyber Square is an online learning platform for the students to develop programming skills and 21st century skills from grade 1 onwards through most engaging ways like games, puzzles etc. It also provides Artificial Intelligence aligned computer text book designed for CBSE curriculum. Cyber Square envisions creating our future generation from users of technology to creators of technology.

Why Cyber Square ?

Cyber Square teaches programming through its methodology of Visual Coding, Natural Language Coding and Professional Coding. The process designed in Cyber Square helps the students to develop the following

  • Programming skills and Artificial Intelligence
  • 21st century skills
  • Learn latest technologies
  • Enable the shift from being users of technology to creators of technology
  • Students develop their logical skills, problem solving skills, analytical skills, presentation skills and critical thinking
  • Develop programming skills and learn latest technologies
  • Get equipped for competitions
  • Capable of creating their own website
  • Change in behaviour of students in using digital gadget
  • Become creators of technology rather than mere consumers of it
  • Change in behaviour in learning
  • Well Equipped with 21st century skills
  • Develop Entrepreneurial skills

How Habitat School started teaching coding from Grade 1 students onwards ?

Digital Fest

1. Digital Fest by students of Habitat School showcased students creativity in the field of technology which captured wide media coverage

2. News Coverage about Digital Fest

Cyber Square Lab

The school has created a separate space for students to practice coding called Cyber Square Lab which includes Learning Zone, Gaming Zone and Doing Zone. This specially designed space will help the students to deeply involved in learning technology and thereby maximizing the productivity.

Habitat School Students in the top finalist of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics competition 2019 conducted by the Ministry of Education UAE

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